Top 20 Foods to Increase Your Hemoglobin Levels

It’s no secret that to maintain a healthy body, someone needs healthy food. It all begins with that little oxygen-transporting part of your blood cells, called hemoglobin.
In case there is a shortage, you become weak and constantly feel fatigued. You may even develop anemia down the road. In order to prevent such a thing from happening, you need iron.
This mineral is particularly useful for the making of hemoglobin as well as for maintaining your red blood cells. You can have your daily intake of iron naturally by consuming these 20 foods.

10 Hemoglobin-Boosting Fruits

  1. Sun-Dried Tomatoes
    Not only are they abundant in iron, but also in vitamin C, which can help with the absorption of iron in one’s body. Try adding these jarred tomatoes to your hummus, salad, or omelet, and enjoy the taste while rejoicing at the health benefits.
  2. Raisins
    They are also called dried grapes. Needless to say, the fact that they are a fantastic source of iron is the reason they have a place on this list.

You can add yogurt, oatmeal, or cereal. However, if you happen to have diabetes, you may want to limit your intake of grapes. They tend to cause spikes in your glucose “thanks” to the fact that they are rather high on the GI scale.

  1. Persimmons
    These are also rich both in iron and vitamin C, which work together to boost one’s hemoglobin. They are best consumed raw and are great for adding to salads or smoothies. But since they aren’t exactly poor on fructose, those with diabetes should eat them in moderation.
  2. Dried Apricots
    And here is yet another fruit which is abundant not just in iron but in vitamin C as well. A winning combination to be sure. Another plus is that they are also abundant in fiber, which helps ease any constipation. You can add them to your oatmeal or enjoy them by themselves.
  3. Mulberries
    What’s that? You’ve never tried these? Well, let us tell you, dear readers, you’ve been missing out! Now is as good a time as any, since these berries contain the most iron than any other kind.

They are even rich in protein. And this is one micronutrient you don’t want to miss out on, as it creates hemoglobin.

  1. Dates
    If you’re the type of individual who is “guilty” of having a sweet tooth, then adding these to your salads or smoothies is the right thing to do. Not only will you satisfy your craving, but you’ll be boosting your iron as well!

Once again, moderation is required, and not just for those with diabetes.

  1. Pomegranates
    Don’t hesitate to munch down on these, as their high vitamin C content will aid in increasing the iron bioavailability in your system.

And yes, they also contain a small amount of iron themselves, but it’s their vitamin C content which takes the stage here. You can go for making a juice or adding the seeds to all kinds of nutritious salads.

  1. Currants
    They have an uncanny resemblance to blueberries. These little fruits are practically bursting with both protein and iron, which makes them your blood’s best friend. They can be added to smoothies, pancakes or pastries. Yum!
  2. Watermelon

Here is another juicy summer fruit which is ideal for maintaining your blood’s health. The ‘power couple’ is present here too. Of course, we are referring to the magnificent combo of iron and vitamin C! It can be enjoyed in many ways, salads or smoothies are just some of your options.

  1. Prunes
    They are famous for their role as a natural laxative, all thanks to their fiber content. But far from just that, they are also abundant in iron which boosts one’s hemoglobin production.

You can add them to both savory and sweet treats, let your imagination run wild! Just make sure not to overdo it, as there is such a thing as ‘too much fiber’.

Another 10 Hemoglobin-Boosting Foods

  1. Liver
    Not only are organ meats like liver rich in iron, they are abundant in plenty of other minerals and vitamins as well. Not to mention protein.

There are many options, with the pork liver option considered the best since it’s also high in vitamin C. Just eat this food moderately as it is rather high in cholesterol.

  1. Oysters
    This seafood appetizer is definitely the way to go. Other than iron, they are also rich in important nutrients and vitamins. Vitamin B12 and zinc for example.

If oysters or clams are not ‘your cup of tea’, you can always opt for tuna and salmon, but keep in mind that they are not as high in iron as the previous.

  1. Chickpeas
    These are a great option for vegetarians, being rich in both iron and protein! You can add them to either pasta or salads, or even get creative and make your own special hummus recipe!
  2. Fortified Cereals
    If you are used to eating cereal for breakfast, next time you head to the supermarket make sure to check the label for those fortified not only in iron but in many other minerals and vitamins too!
  3. Pumpkin Seeds
    You can take a handful of these seeds for a healthy, iron-packed snack or add them to a whole bunch of different recipes.
  4. Soybeans
    Just half a cup of soybeans contains more than 4mg of iron! Additionally, they are packed with protein, fiber, amino acids, and vitamins.
  5. Beans
    Beans of any type are an excellent source of iron, so feel free to stock up on them. Need some ideas? You can pair them with bell peppers, cauliflower, kale, and broccoli as these are all high in vitamin C!
  6. Lentils
    They can be used in a variety of dishes. They should be used since they not only contain iron but plenty of fiber for lowering your cholesterol and keeping your blood sugars stable.
  7. Spinach
    Whether cooked or raw, spinach is a fantastic source of iron. Though you may want to choose the cooked version, as it helps our bodies absorb the nutrients more easily.
  8. Sesame Seeds
    They have a delicious, nutty taste and are bursting with the iron you need. But they don’t fall short in the category of phosphorous, zinc, vitamin E, and copper either. Adding them to your salad is the easiest way of incorporating them into your daily diet. Enjoy!