Top 10 Protein Sources For Better Health and Muscle Gain

Protein is one of the most important nutrient for growth and development. Proteins serve as primary building blocks of the body on which all the body’s framework is formed. Following is a list of the top protein sources of both vegetarian and meat origins.

1- Peas
Peas are surprisingly rich in protein, a single cup of peas contains 9 grams of proteins on average. They also contain glutamine and many other healthy components to help increase muscle buildup as well. Unlike many other foods, peas do not contain any compounds that interfere with the absorption of other nutrients making them one of the best available vegan protein source. Pea-protein is also available in powder form. It has a neutral taste and texture, and can easily be taken as a supplement as well along with protein shakes etc.

2- Beef
Beef is one of the best sources of proteins and amino acids. It also contains zinc which aids the development of healthy muscles, as well as Omega 3 fats which are famed for keeping your heart healthy.

3- Chicken
Chicken is the choice of protein for many being easily available everywhere. It is low on fat content, requires less time to cook than other meats and makes for a fulfilling meal. One chicken breast provides the maximum quantity of protein needed at one meal time.

4- Fish
Fish contains less protein than beef or chicken but is laden with many other healthy nutrients including omega-3, EPA and DHA. Depending on its habitat, each fish varies in nutrient content, generally saltwater fish types are healthier to consume than farmed fish.

5- Eggs
Packing more leucine per gram than any other protein, eggs are cheap, convenient to buy and cook and contain a huge amount of proteins, vitamin D and cholesterol. They also make for an easy breakfast on the go. Egg yolks are typically shunned by heart patients because of the high amounts of cholesterol, but new research verifies that cholesterol consumed through food material has a very small effect on increasing blood cholesterol levels.

6- Dairy ( Whey and Casein)
Milk is an excellent source of protein. Available in many forms, milk can be processed to make cheese, curd, yoghurt, butter etc. Whey and Casein are the two proteins found in milk products making up 20 and 80 percent of milk protein respectively. They boost amino-acid levels in the body and help repair muscles while we sleep.

7- Turkey
The white meat from Turkey is the leanest amongst all meats found. It can also be easily used as a leaner alternative to chicken, containing roughly the same amount of protein as chicken does. Even the darker turkey meat only contains 0.5 grams more fat per one ounce of meat than the
white meat and can be used as a healthy low fat protein source.

8- Brown Rice
Brown Rice contains a large amount of proteins, with the largest quantity of BCAAs second only to Quinoa in the list. Taken as a supplement it provides roughly the same benefits as milk solid proteins, according to a study.

9- Soy
Soy protein is one of the best vegan, non-dairy source of protein that contains all the essential amino acids in perfect harmony. It is equally effective as whey protein in milk is for healthy muscular growth. Substituted for milk by many that are lactose intolerant, soy milk products are a healthy protein source for everyone.

10- Quinoa
Quinoa is the largest plant source for protein. It contains all 9 essential amino acids, with an 8 grams of protein per average cup. Rich with fiber, this grain can be used along with other protein sources to provide the average daily protein requirements.