Many experts say that bananas are “the complete food” as this fruit contains all nutrients that our body needs. But, it seems that this incredible super-food is underrated.
Studies have proved that bananas are high in nutrients, vitamins, natural sugars (fructose and sucrose) and fibers.
Most people buy the bananas when they have greenish yellow color. But in few days, this fruit changes its color. Dark spots start to appear which eventually turn brown.
It is interesting that majority people actually avoid buying and consuming brown color bananas. But, did you know that the riper bananas are and the more dark patches they have, the more TNF they contain?

Now many of you would ask: what is TNF?

TNF is cancer – fighting substance that has the ability to fight against abnormal body cells. Namely, this substance is particularly beneficial when it comes to enabling the communication between cells of the immune response system. It also helps the cell movement towards certain body areas where infection or inflammation is present.
Recent study has showed that ripe bananas contain TNF that obstructs the growth the tumor cells. This substance in same time inhibits the spread of tumor cells thus it induces apoptosis (cell death). Along with this incredible benefit, bananas contain high amounts of antioxidants.
Bananas are perfect fruit for strengthening of the immune system and give great boost to the white blood cells count.
So, next time you see brown banana you should not throw it away. You will get all of the above mentioned benefits, and in same time you will get an energy boost.

Below you can read few more reasons why you should eat more bananas:

Blood Pressure and Heartburn
Bananas are high in potassium and low in sodium which makes them the perfect food for the blood pressure and heart health!

Bananas are high in vitamins, minerals and low glycemic carbohydrates and that makes them a great energy snack. Bananas are the perfect fruit before exercise! Experts add that the potassium will prevent muscle cramps.

Fighting Anemia
Patients who have anemia should eat bananas as they will provide their body with essential dietary iron. That will stimulate production of hemoglobin and red blood cells and will strengthen your blood supply.

Fighting Ulcers
If you have stomach ulcers, the doctors will advise you to avoid different types of foods. Still, you can always eat bananas without worries that it will cause pain. Namely, due to the soft and smooth texture of bananas, they will protect the stomach from any kind of irritation or corrosive acids.

Fighting Depression
Substance called tryptophan is great in fight against depression. This component has the ability to turn in to serotonin when it enters the body, which is well known as a brain neurotransmitter. So, in case you want to improve your mood our advice is to eat banana.

Improving Constipation
The banana contain substances that stimulate the regular bowel movements, therefore the constipation will be relived on natural way.

Help with PMS/Nerves
Today, there are a lot of people who are facing with stress and are feeling moody. Due to the high content of vitamin B in bananas, this fruit will soothe the nervous system and will make you to feel relaxed.

Healthy Temperature Control
Banana has the ability to maintain body temperature, so when it comes to controlling of body temperature and when the weather is hot or in case of fever, banana can be of great help.