Fully Funded Harrison Middleton University Fellowship Scholarship in Ideas 21/22

The pursuit of a higher level can be an investment worth it. So, Harrison Middleton University is thrilled to announce the Fully Funded Fellowship Scholarship in Ideas. The scholarship program is accessible to all students all over the world.

Description of the Fully Funded Harrison Middleton University Fellowship Scholarship in Ideas 2021/2022

Harrison Middleton University Harrison Middleton University is a public university that specializes in distance education. It was established in 1998. It offers master’s studies in humanities, with an emphasis on the interaction of thought leaders and ideas across time and the study of the classics from both the past and present and inquiry-based discussions.

The students at Harrison Middleton University employ primary sources from respected academic publishers like Britannica (Great Book of the West), Oxford University Press, Penguin Classics, and W. W. Norton & Company for the creation of studies plans.

Overview of the Scholarship

The HMU Fellowship in Ideas is a humanities-related writing and discussion program designed for students who have recently graduated from university in any discipline interested in the humanities, interdisciplinarity debate, professional and intellectual enrichment, and professional and academic enrichment. The Fellowship gives students who are just beginning their careers.

This Fellowship gives credited authorship to two of the publications published by universities and an opportunity to learn about the history of ideas within Western culture and networking opportunities with academicians and lifelong learners, readers, and thinkers across diverse disciplines. The entire program associated with the HMU Fellowship in Ideas, except conferences, is conducted from any place with reliable telephone and internet connectivity.

Roles of the Fellow’s

The Fellow will be in residence for nine months. The HMU Fellowship for Ideas will:

  • Participate in virtual Socratic conversations with faculty members from universities.
  • Make two entries for Harrison Middleton University’s Blog. Harrison Middleton University Blog.
  • Review your book in HMU Dialogues, Harrison Middleton’s biannual newsletter.

University Scholarship Merits

Harrison Middleton University Fellowship in Ideas gives the recipient the following advantages:

A 500 cash stipend.

After the Fellowship term, you will receive a free collection comprised of 5 Great Books Foundation publications.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligible Language: English Language
  • Acceptable Countries The following countries are accepted: All nationalities are qualified.
  • The Acceptable Criteria for Selection To consider the HMU Scholarships in terms of ideas, the applicants must fulfill these requirements below:
    • Are you interested in the humanities and brilliant concepts that are the foundation of Western civilization?
    • It is required to have an undergraduate, master’s, or Doctoral degree (in any subject).
    • Are exceptional in writing, reading, and communications skills.
    • Write two blog posts for the HMU Blog and one book review, basing it on a Great Books Foundation publication to be decided to be published for HMU Dialogues.


Follow these guidelines for obtaining this opportunity:

  1. Please fill out the application form on their website.
  2. Create the following documents A biographical essay in a maximum of 500 words, which describes your experience as a student, your passion for the humanities, and your desire to participate in The HMU Fellowship in Ideas.
  3. Additionally, there is a work cited page, and a piece cited page highlighting your interest in an excellent concept in humanities relating to any of the following concentrations: imaginative literature and philosophy, natural science, religion, and social science.

Send your application along with writing samples in files in Microsoft Word format to [email protected]

Apply Here!