Food Facts: 4 Surprising Foods That Are Possible To Overdo

Ever heard the phrase, “You can’t get too much of a good thing”? Turns out you can. Especially these four superfoods everyone believes you need more and more of. Excess of everything, including these, is a bad thing. Read on these food facts to find out what these foods are.

The human body is 70 percent water. Which means there should roughly be a ratio of 30 to 70 between our daily food intake and water intake. Except it is not so. Too much water is bad for your health as well. While water taken in moderate, adequate quantities keeps your skin hydrated and your liver in pristine condition, too much water can flush away all the necessary juices in your body, diluting all the salts and disrupting the electrolytic balance within, and thus, leaving it stripped of nourishment from the food it could absorb easily.

Same as water, milk and all dairy should be taken in a moderate quantity as well. The primary reason for watching the consumption of milk and dairy is that it is majorly composed of Calcium. While that is not a bad thing necessarily since intake of Calcium helps give you strong bones and teeth, the very same Calcium taken in large quantities can keep iron from being absorbed by the body and thus causes anemia.

Fiber is one of the diet staples most of us can’t live without. It eases digestion, improves cholesterol and blood sugar levels in the body and provides most of the nutrients our bodies need. But fiber too, should be taken in moderation. Too much fiber makes all other minerals in the alimentary canal stick to each other so they are unable to be broken down and absorbed by the body. In large quantities it can cause gas and bloating as well. Hence the intake of fiber per day should not exceed 25-35 grams.

Nuts are a healthy source of many essential vitamins and minerals, but they are also heavily laid with calories. Eating nuts in moderation will provide your body a boost of all these nutrients, but an excess of nuts can easily cause an increase in weight as well.