Approved International Scholarship Grants at Calgary University USA 21/22

Calgary University in the USA accepts applications from highly successful and worthy students to be part of their Approved International Scholarship Grant. Be used for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The partial grants are available for all international students.

Description of the Calgary University

Calgary University was founded in the year 1932. It’s a Christian university that offers bachelor’s and associate’s degree programs and the adult degree completion program. It is now an internationally recognized leader in reducing the price of high-quality education.

About the Approved International Scholarship Grants at Calgary University USA 21/22

They invite international students to apply for Approved International Scholarship Grants offered by Calgary University USA 21/22. The grant is available for undergraduate and graduate programs in Calvary University in all courses.

Eligible Courses

The scholarship grants are available at Calgary University. Calgary University is open to students who would like to take part in any course offered through the University. Students can enroll in any undergraduate or graduate degree program.


  • Student applicants from every part of the world can apply.
  • Acceptable Criteria: To be eligible for scholarships, prospective or transfer students must apply and be granted admission. All scholarships require that the student pursue a degree and be is enrolled full-time (at minimum 12 hours per week for students studying at the undergraduate level).

Students must apply for all scholarships at the end of each academic year to be eligible for a second award (unless otherwise noted). Documentation for fellowships requiring verification or other information must be completed and accepted before starting class for discounts or scholarships added to the student’s tuition.

  • Additional Documents to Support Applications: Applicants must provide an essay, higher second-grade cards, an official transcript from every institution they have attended, and official academic marks.
  • Language Requirements: Candidates should possess English proficiency in writing or learning as well as speaking.
  • Application Requirements: To apply, students must access the portal and fill out an application. Students are required to submit the following Reference forms:
  1. Pastoral Reference Form
  2. Personal Reference Form

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