18 Foods that Detox Your Body And Mind

The mind and the body have a real connection, in how your body responds to functions relating to the brain and your healthy state of mind. Keeping the body free of free radicals, toxins, and other bad elements is essential to enjoying a healthy life. A majority of the detox foods start the purification process from the liver, and resurrecting its full potential can benefit the whole body tremendously.

Artichokes assist with optimal liver functioning, which helps the body expel toxins out and other unnecessary things. It enhances the liver’s bile production, and since bile assists with breaking down food material and helps the body utilize the nutrients within, a bile production increase is generally a positive outcome.
Besides the positive implications on liver, artichokes is also replete with protein, fiber, folate, magnesium and potassium. It’s basically the perfect food to stay healthy, in shape and live a happier life.

Despite being extremely tasty, asparagus is a great detox food. In addition to the body detoxification traits, the plant helps postpone aging, is anti-cancer, good for the heart, and is anti-inflammatory.
It also assists with liver drainage. Though this sounds bad, anything backing up the drainage is not good, since the liver filters out toxic substances from food and drinks.

Due to its antioxidant and fiber count, avocado is becoming part of several detox lists. Initially, the fruit’s fat content intimidated many, but once people started to realize the difference between bad and good fats, it’s getting the credit it always deserved.
The fast food restaurant guacamole is not going to help you with your detox goals. Therefore, go with organic variants and consume them in their original formats without mixing them up with other ingredients, for the best results.

Most people get to see beets only when having a Greek salad. You must make a sincere effort to regularly consume the vegetable, especially if you’re keen on a detox. It’s a super food and there are several reasons/benefits backing up its holy-grail status.
Beets ensure toxins make their way out of the system, which is not necessarily the case with most other detox cleanses, wherein a lack of proper exit points reintroduces toxins back into the body. Beets’ free-radicals also help fight cancer.

Broccoli perhaps shows up at every place where the ‘healthy eating’ topic is discussed. And that’s for the vegetable’s capability to pack a hefty nutritional punch. It’s part of our shopping list for detox food because it works with liver enzymes for transforming toxins into things your body could easily eliminate.
If you’re not sure how to ensure the vegetable tastes better, experiment with your cooking methods, or go for it raw. However, make sure it’s not microwaved, for it could then lose its detox traits.

Do not allow the clichéd cabbage diet soups put you off track with this beneficial vegetable. Similar to most viral things, this diet has some mettle, which doesn’t require extreme action on your part. Cabbage acts positively on the liver, with lower cholesterol being the byproduct, and which gives more than just a single reason for including this vegetable.
Besides liver cleansing, cabbage also helps with bathroom issues, which in succession helps eliminate the toxins out of your system, so you could begin afresh.

Garlic invariably features in most detox diets because it helps the liver out and also positively impacts the immune system. One positive thing about garlic is you can increase consumption and not worry about the body getting used to it or building up a barrier.
It also helps add some flavor to the otherwise bland diet food. If you aren’t too comfortable with garlic taste, you may also opt for the smell-free supplement variant.

Ginger’s medicinal traits go back to the old Chinese civilizations, and it’s a herb that’s still known for its several health advantages. Ginger can be added to meals, besides being used in tea or other beverages. Besides its astringent traits, ginger also helps with liver functions.
A few detox diets warrant chewing on ginger root. Adding ginger to hot water also adds a nicer taste to the water. Basically, ginger in any form will benefit your body, particularly if you’re having a fatty liver that’s caused by excessive alcohol consumption, or uncurbed toxic drinks and food consumption.

A grapefruit’s nutrient and fiber-rich juices offer a good detox solution and can get your body springing into detox mode almost instantly. It also helps with ingesting the body with good elements and eliminating the bad components. Grapefruit’s anti-obesity effects are renowned, which is due to the manner it helps the liver exhaust fat.
The major grapefruit positive is that it turns an otherwise dormant liver active, while suffusing the other organs in the body with nutrient-rich fruit liquids. As far detox foods go, grapefruit is certainly a winner.

Green Tea
Thanks to its great antioxidant value, green tea is generally mentioned in the same breath as any other detox food/drink. Antioxidants help locate and destroy the free radicals. In fact, this feature makes green tea a wonderful beverage for daily consumption.
Setting up a healthy mind is almost akin to ensuring things best for the body. It could be as rudimentary as substituting colas with green teas and other tea variants so that a beverage ends up benefiting your physical self and not hurting it.

Kale is a part of Dr. Oz’s 48-Hour Weekend Cleanse wherein he recommends it in the form of a shake blend. However, you must opt to consume it in other formats as well – the benefits being the huge number of nutrients on offer. It also helps with kidney-flushing, the organs that must be cleansed thoroughly to ensure the detox initiatives don’t go futile.
The vegetable’s benefits make it one among the most recommended veggie to patients who are on a kidney disease-fighting diet. It is insanely-packed with antioxidants and also has anti-inflammatory traits, besides the hoard of minerals and vitamins it offers.

Primarily used in Thailand, lemongrass is also in use in other global regions for naturally cleaning multiple organs once. The positives aren’t only attached to the liver, but the bladder, kidneys, and the whole digestive tract also get benefited. The benefits of using lemongrass in the kitchen or consuming it as tea include better circulation, digestion and complexion.
It’s commonly used as tea in the detoxing world, and multiple recipes can be tried out until the one satisfying your taste buds is discovered.

Lemon juice and lemon, in general, are mentioned quite often within the detoxing realm, and there are also some active lemon detox diets doing the rounds. A lemon drink is basically some lemon juice added to plain water. It is supposed to flush out body toxins. Some individuals mix cayenne pepper; some even add sugar, which is generally not recommended if the whole idea behind the drink is a detoxifying experience.
It assists with digestion and a cup of hot lemon water should prepare the digestive tract for the whole day.

Olive Oil
Olive oil is often blended with fruit juice in some liver cleansing routines, so that the liver gets triggered and expels out gallstones. Besides, olive oil must be your primary cooking oil if you’re on a detox diet. This is due to its health traits; and it’s a much better fat option comparatively.
Ensure olive oil is not over-heated. It can also be used as a dressing for leafy greens salad.

Seaweeds aren’t part of most recipes unless wrapped into sushi. This plentiful weed of the sea has several antioxidants and nutrients within. If your primary focus is on detox foods, stay away from the nori and side with kelp instead. Dried nori that’s used for holding a sushi roll together has higher salt content.
Kelp is a major part of Asian food, often seen in soups. Besides the detoxing effects, kelp is good to the taste and easy to digest.

Turmeric offers major health benefits related to the liver. Drinking a turmeric tea in conjunction with a nutritious diet is good enough for a detox.
If you’re just looking to add detoxifying ingredients to your food, turmeric should always be kept handy, with turmeric tea recommended for substituting unhealthy beverages.

Often ignored, water plays a key role in flushing out body toxins. Water consumption becomes all the more important during a sauna or exercising that are meant to get the toxins out.
If you aren’t used to daily water consumption, make sure to increase the water content by one cup every few days. If your kidneys are exposed to too much water after being accustomed to less-than-average water exposure, they’ll have a hard time planning their course of action.

Watercress’ cleansing action would offer your liver a huge boost. If you make detoxing smoothies, watercress is a wonderful ingredient for consumption. It could also be added to a salad, but ensure it tastes good. Watercress’s taste is so polarizing, some love it and then there are others who truly despise it.
Watercress helps the liver get rid of the enzymes and also the toxic buildup.

It’s now clear there was a reason behind fitness enthusiasts taking wheatgrass shakes all these past years. Wheatgrass tremendously boosts up liver functioning and its alkaline traits help one feel good throughout the day.
It also helps lower blood pressure and get metabolism on track again. It is simply a wonderful food to eat, and it counterattacks the negative effects of previously consumed junk food. Let your body know how much you care.
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Caffeinated Beverages
caffeineCaffeinated beverages dehydrate the body, making the liver toil hard to negate caffeine effects. Caffeine drinks should be completely avoided or you’ll end up consuming more water to balance out the negativity.

Candies, Sweets, Chocolates
sweetsExcess sugar also stresses out the liver, thereby nullifying your cleansing initiatives. Bring down your cravings for sweets. With toxin release, your urge to consume sweets would go down drastically. However, you should stop consuming sweets in the first place for this process to kick-start.

An overloaded digestive system could overburden the body, resulting in toxin accumulation. While detoxing, it’s important to stop when you feel full almost, and you’re food consumption primarily revolves around fresh foods rich in nutrients and fiber.

Remember, none of the detox foods mentioned above can single-handedly help achieve your dieting goals. It’s, therefore, important to consume as many items as you possibly can. It could be hard to add in a few, either due to their lack of local supply or for your lack of familiarity with the food. Regardless, ensure you put your best foot forward when taking on the detox journey.