11 Unhealthy Habits That You Probably Have Right Now

With New Year just around the corner, how about incorporating these following healthy habits into your resolutions for next year? The following is a list of ten unhealthy habits most of us don’t realize we already have.

1- Nail Biting
Our nails contain a lot of bacteria. Despite being washed and perfectly manicured, nails may still contain all sorts of bacteria from contact through touching infected people, desktops etc. Biting into these same nails can easily make us contract diseases such as E.Coli, Flu, or Salmonella etc. Giving up nail biting can make you much healthier as well as exhibit an aura of tranquility as opposed to the nervous anxiety nail-biting gives.health_img9

2- Washing Hair Too Much
Washing hair too often causes the scalp to go into overdrive producing extra oils to keep it moisturized. It also strips all of the natural oils from the scalp with harsh chemicals leaving the hair dry and brittle. By washing it less, we are helping keeping it healthy.

3- Excessive Protein Intake
Too much protein is harmful for health. It raises the uric acid levels drastically in the body causing joint problems, as well as dehydration and calcium malabsorption. Cutting back the protein intake slightly is one habit everyone should adopt.

4- Excessive Caffeine Intake
Caffeine is found in almost all energy drinks, in coffee as well as tea. It is one of the essential compounds that stimulates the nervous system to stay awake. Taken in limited quantities, it can be used to provide an instant zap of energy, however according to FDA the daily caffeine intake should not exceed any more than 200 mg. Increased usage of caffeine increase blood pressure and therefore stress levels. Long-term damages of caffeine include heart risks etc. Hence if you are an avid coffee drinker, cut back your intake of coffee to 200 mg per day or less.

5- Constant Gazing at Electronic Screens
Staring at any form of electronic device screens for long periods is known to weaken eyesight. Specialists usually recommend taking a break in between if it is absolutely necessary to work on an electronic device all day. Reduce the brightness on your screen to lower the exposure to these artificial lights. The blue waves of electronic light can also induce sleeplessness. In order to make sure it doesn’t interfere with your sleep cycle, use light filters that filter out blue light later in the day. Watching TV late at night is another bad habit that causes nightmares and should be avoided.

6- Exercise Times
Exercising before bed causes the brain and the muscles to go into overdrive making it difficult to go to sleep. If your schedule permits, moving the exercise routine to earlier in the day is a healthier alternative. Eating before a hefty workout routine also causes problems as it disrupts the digestive procedure. Incorporating a healthy workout routine in your daily schedules is a good habit but to max out the benefits from it, it should be scheduled properly with meals.

7- Holding in sneezes
Holding in sneezes is another bad habit that we might be nurturing. Society decorum advises us to remain quiet out of politeness, but it might be one of the most potentially damaging habit we are forced to develop yet. Sneezes travel really fast, roughly the same speed as Cheetahs move. Holding these back can cause nasal cartilage fractures as well as nose bleeds and retinal problems.

8- Sitting too much
With the invention of computers and technology, most of us have turned into desk-jockeys that spend most of our time sitting. Not only does sitting too much cause problems for your skeletal structure and bones later on, it has also been researched to be associated with increased risk of heart disease, mental and other problems. Experts recommend standing up and walking every once in a while even while working to avoid these risks.

9- Wearing the Wrong Sized Shoes
Shoes are an integral part of our daily attire. Wearing shoes that don’t provide the proper support to feet or those with uncomfortably long high heels can cause posture problems and spinal problems later on. It is imperative to focus on buying the right shoes for your feet.

10- Constant Use of Contact Lens
Contact lens have seen a surge in users in the past decade or so. While contact lens are easier to wear than glasses and can be worn even while swimming, their constant use cuts off the oxygen supply to the retina and is damaging for eyes.

11-Holding Back Bodily Gases
Yes, it is gross to talk about, but this is one habit almost everyone secretly has but won’t admit to having. Our bodies eliminate toxic gases through farts, and trying to hold them back is one of the most damaging habits we could have.